Regina Natural mineral water

Queen save you!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Dear friends!

I present you a website of natural mineral table water "Regina" with joy and hope. With joy - because we have already reached that level of civilization when among eternal values  we name health one of the firsts. With hope - that time-proved miraculous property of the unique natural mineral table water "Regina" will be useful and available for you and your family.

There are legends and verses about "Regina" - a wonderful gift of nature. You can find them at our website. You can also get to know about "Regina's" production methods and its healing properties.

The production methods are thoroughly supervised by Premier-finance Corporation, the joint-stock company Murovani Kurylivtsi mineral water factory "Regina" being its participant.  Today, the most advanced filling and bottling line is functioning at the factory that allows preserving all healing natural properties of the mineral water.

Food prepared with the "Regina" water is ecologically clean, useful and possessing a unique taste. At the same time, carbonated and non-carbonated "Regina" and also drinks produced on its basis are the best to slake your thirst.

We offer you a quality and not expensive product, and we will be proud if it is to your taste.

… Regina is the name of a girl, who is associated with a legend about the water.  It is said, that mineral water has memory. We have kept for you the memory of a natural preserve, under the surface of which there is a healing lake, from which a mineral spring wells.

… In translation from Latin "Regina" means "queen".

Queen saves you!

Yours faithfully,
Svitlana Prodivus,
Chairman of the Supervisory Board


The product under the trade mark Regina is marked by experts and arwarded by prizes, diplomas and medals of international and national contests.

PJSC Murovani Kurylivtsi Mineral
Water Factory "Regina",
23400, Ukraine, Vinnitsa region,
urban-type village of
Murovannye Kurilovtsy,
18 Zavodska street
Phone: +38 (04356) 2-11-37; 2-10-47
Fax: +38 (04356) 2-26-94
Private Joint-Stock Company Murovani Kurylivtsi Mineral water Factory "Regina", 2007-2015.

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